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Emperor Investments: The Robo-Advisor that Outperforms

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Saving money is simple. Budgeting your money is straightforward. Investing, however, can be more complicated.

In the last decade, investing has become far more accessible to the general public through the rise of robo-advisors. Market leaders like Wealthfront, Betterment, and Wealthsimple have successfully popularized investing to the masses, by embracing new technologies and easy-to-understand marketing.

But although automated investing is popular, it can sometimes lack the performance we want or need. Although the aforementioned robo-advisors perform well, none of them have performed as historically well as newcomer, Emperor Investments.

Before we get into the details, let’s go over the pros and the cons of investing with Emperor:


  • High performance  
      • The higher the return of your Emperor portfolio, the quicker your wealth can compound and grow
    • Pure equity investing
      • By investing in individual companies and not ETFs, Emperor can cherry-pick the “wonderful” companies in your portfolio and eliminate ETF fees
    • Personalized portfolios
      • You can save for more goals than just retirement (a dream vacation, a second home, to name a few). Each goal receives unique portfolios based on your needs
  • Transparency in pricing
  • Emperor refuses to charge any hidden fees (trading, ETF fees, etc.), opting to charge a flat and easy-to-understand management cost of 0.6%


  • $500 minimum investment
    • Whereas most robo-advisors have done away with minimum investments, Emperor still requires you invest $500 minimum for them to create your personalized portfolio
  • Limited account options
    • As of now, Emperor only allows you to open Individual, Roth IRA, and Traditional IRA accounts to hold your assets
  • Your money growth depends on longer time horizons
    • As is the case for any other investment, the longer you keep your money invested, the more time there is for compounded interest to work its magic. Having a longer investment horizon allows Emperor to ride out inevitable market dips.

Sign up with Emperor now and get $100 towards your first goal!

Historically Superior Performance

Emperor portfolios have performed historically well, which is impressive regardless of how young their company is. Their performance one of the main reasons why Emperor wants to share their managed portfolios with the public. They even try to keep their process as transparent as possible, by breaking down their entire approach on their site.

Emperor narrows down U.S. companies by using their proprietary technology. Then, further evaluate those companies by hand to come up with the “Dream Team” (a selection of companies they consider to be the most “wonderful” companies in the country).

Unlike like most robos, Emperor avoids ETFs and invests directly in stocks. This allows them to be be more selective when it comes to choosing which companies your money is invested in, while taking your attitude toward loss into consideration.

Emperor also consistently rebalances their portfolios, so they are always personalized and up-to-date. Even if you and your friend share the same, low risk tolerance, your friend’s portfolio from last week could be different than yours from this week, which could also be different than next week’s. Personalization is a key in Emperor’s philosophy.  

Lastly, by getting to truly know their clients, Emperor provides an additional level of customization that is something new to the Robo market. Wealthsimple lets you choose the sectors you wish to invest in, and Swell exclusively invests in “impact” sectors, but neither of them are as interested in your personal goals the way Emperor is.

Emperor Bridges the Gap Between You and Your Goals

Emperor is a goal-based investment platform, helping you pursue as many financial milestones as you wish; instead of limiting your scope to financial independence or retirement.

For example, if you want to save for a down payment on a vacation home, you could easily create a “Vacation Home” goal.

After entering a few simple details about your goal, Emperor recommends a portfolio based on your needs, and ensures that it is designed to assist you in reaching your targets.

Once you confirm, earnings from your portfolio directly contribute to your goal. You can also adjust Emperor’s variables and recommendations to see how the timeline for achieving your goal is impacted.

If you’re interested in comparing recurring monthly contribution amounts, a version of this graph is available here.

As a client with Emperor, you can create as many goals as you want; and each will receive their own unique investment portfolio and deposit plan.

Unlike competing robo-advisors who only consider one overarching risk tolerance, Emperor takes into consideration the goals you’re saving for and your attitude for each of them. By better understanding your goals, Emperor can tailor-fit your portfolios and invest your money wisely.

Limited-Time Offer

With Emperor’s technology, you can receive a personalized portfolio without sacrificing returns.

Everyone deserves to achieve their goals; that’s why Emperor is giving the first 100 users to sign up for their platform $100 towards their first goal!

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