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Emperor Investments Review: Personalized Equity Management

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I am new to the concept of robo-advisors. They have only been available to the general public for the last decade. Yet, every day there is a new company offering new robo-advisor services. I started a small account of about a few hundred dollars and tried a robo-advisor called Emperor Investments.

What Is a Robo-Advisor?

A robo-advisor is a complex and finance industry-centric computer algorithm. After filling out a questionnaire based on your preferences, a robo-advisor can maintain a customized online financial portfolio for you. All without human input. The robo-advisor automatically manages investments, stocks, bank accounts, and other segments of your personalized financial portfolio. No humans are part of the process unless you want them to be, the maintenance fees are very low, and you can manage your account 24-hours a day. All on your own your terms.

Emperor Investments Review

Emperor Investments is a robo-advisor, an automated algorithm, that manages equity funds and investments according to your preferences. An equity investment portfolio of preferred stocks is automatically compiled based on distinct financial goals. The Emperor Investments program can also pick select equity stocks via its, “Dream Team,” algorithm to give you the best value options.

I was only introduced to equity stocks from companies that enabled me to have full ownership shares. Also, the Emperor Investments robo-advisor only filled my equity portfolio with equity stocks from companies that paid out cash dividends on a regular basis. I also had access to a human advisor whenever I wanted. It may sound very complicated, but I was very surprised at how much control I was given over my own equity stock picks.


I opened my Emperor Investments account with a minimum deposit of $500. Some robo-advisor programs require a minimum of at least $5,000. In my opinion, $500 is a safe amount to begin experimenting with a robo-advisor. The annual management fee is 0.60%, which I find to be manageable. Though modest, I am given a direct ownership percentage of the companies I invest in. That way, my portfolio is custom-designed to match my financial goals.


Okay, so a 0.60% management fee based on a $500 account? I view this as a starting investment tier to entice people to invest more in the long run. Also, I found that the Emperor Investments focus on equity stocks and investments might be a little inflexible to people. Still, I think it is best to start by dipping your toes gently into the area of self-managed, automated investment programs. Why run when you need to walk and take it all in?

The Verdict

I believe that the Emperor Investments robo-advisor platform can offer you a personalized experience in automated financial monitoring. I have access to a human advisor when I want. Equity stocks from companies that pay out dividends regularly are usually referred to my portfolio.

The biggest selling point for me is that I have control over the stake of the stock in the companies I invest in. Emperor Investments only allows investment in equity stocks. I think that is good for people new to robo-advisors. The $500 deposit minimum is manageable. The annual 0.60% maintenance fee is a motivator to expand investments further later on, in my opinion.

I recommend that you give Emperor Investments a try. It’s a great way to expose yourself to the world of robo-advisors for the first time. The interface system is highly personalized. Plus, I always felt I was in control of everything I was doing throughout the process.

Everyone deserves to achieve their goals; that’s why Emperor is giving the first 100 users to sign up for their platform $100 toward their first goal!

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