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Emailed Lowe’s CEO and got a quick response

While reading through my Google Reader feeds, I happened upon a post with Robert Niblock’s contact information. Robert is the ” First Vice Chairman, Chairman, President & CEO” of Lowe’s Corporation. I decided to email him.

But I wasn’t emailing to complain. Rather, I was emailing to praise Lowe’s. Here was my email, with some identifying information edited out:

Subject: Cheers to Lowe’s

I found your email via I just wanted to say that I actually enjoy shopping at Lowe’s, specifically when compared to Home Depot. The stores are always clean and well laid out, the workers are helpful and courteous, and the prices are usually better. I just wish that Lowe’s was closer to us in Rockville, MD. The closest is in The Kentlands in Gaithersburg, MD, which is about x miles away. In comparison, the Home Depot is only about x miles away. Sadly, I must give them my business due to time constraints and the cost of the extra gas. I wish there was a closer, more convenient Lowe’s to the xxxxx zip code!

And just 9 minutes later, I got a response from ole’ Bob’s blackberry:

From: Niblock, Robert – Robert A

Micheal, thanks for your feedback. We will continue to try and get a store more convenient to your home. Take care.
Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

He actually spelled “Michael” wrong, but that’s ok. I can understand how his thumbs might be tired after probably receiving a few hundred emails already, thanks to The Consumerist. Honestly, I didn’t expect any email back, although I WAS hoping for a coupon (hint, hint). Looks like I will have to settle for my Home Depot for the time being until a Lowe’s is built closer to me.

I really do like shopping at Lowe’s, just like I said in my email. I’ve visited about 5 different Lowe’s across 4 states, and probably the same number of Home Depots, and the comparison is always the same between the two. But my father-in-law explain it to me that Lowe’s is more for professional contractors who know what they want, need fast access to it, and don’t tend to carry stuff around needlessly and drop it wherever they want. Home depot is, well, the opposite.

What are your thoughts on shopping at Lowe’s? What about Home Depot?

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  • You people are a riot, pitching fits because a company has policies and won’t break their backs bending over backwards to kiss your butt over something that isn’t their fault when they are already going a mile to make you happy in the first place.

    • I for one do not want any co. to kiss my butt just want the damn truth from their workers Lowes In w. Cola Said they would have someone to pick my riding lawn mower up and take it to one of their contractors called about five times each time i was told a flat out lie emailed you and never heard from Lowes ceo or the janitor so you people are not so great in taking care of customers needs now tell another lie and dont answer this one again Bertha Wilkes Harr

  • Dear Mr. Niblock, I live in Washington, DC and was so happy to have the first Lowes in the area. It is a beautiful store but the management and customer service is the worst. I ordered custom made shades for my front porch and they were delivered and left on my porch without any notice. I called for several days to get them installed without any success. I called the store and was put on hold or they let the phone ring for several minutes ( 20 or more rings). I wish I had never placed the order. I called a different dept., to let off steam and found a young lady that tried her best to assist (Yakina is her name), but no success. I am happy that she did try. Please address this issue since you have a beautiful store and I hope we get to keep it.

    Thank you.

  • On 9-4-2016 I purchased blinds from your store in Fredericksburg VA. Some arrived, some arrived broken and some never arrived. Replacement blinds have been sent to my home (left on my doorstep while I was on vacation) and others are in your store and I’m waiting for those to be delivered.

    People are horrible at follow up and CONTINUE to call me on 540-373-5893 although I have requested they NEVER use that number. This is the worse experience EVER and its obvious no one cares to resolve it QUICKLY. My contact number is 540-538-2220.
    It is 10-25-2016 and I am still reaching out to you for what I paid for in full. Blinds that cost a total of $690.11.

    I realize this is not the customer service dept and I am posting and sending this message to every outlet available until this issue is resolved to my satisfaction.
    There is no sense of urgency from employees to have the remaining blinds installed until 11-11-2016 when others are scheduled to be here.

    William Wilson, JR
    Project number 484852755


  • Mr. Niblock
    Sir, we are on our third fridge from Lowe’s in five years. We are under the manufacture’s warranty, and we have always gotten the extended warranty. The head tech from Stanley’s Repair advised me day before yesterday that it probably can’t be fixed. Ice Maker doesn’t work, Freezer has holes in the bottem, wires burned up in one of the drawers, water leaking from the ice maker and that is what burned out the wires. You may be a great guy, but we need help. We were told that Whirpool would not care anything about our needs…and Lowe’s has done NOTHING for us. Mr. Niblock, you may be a wonderful man, but your Kansas City, Missouri store sucks! The manager there knows exactly what we are going through and has done nothing….I went to Rants and Raves and they pretended they were going to help. I don’t know if you will really get this, but will send a hard copy to your coorperate offices.
    Thank You
    Pat Mulholland

  • Mr, CEO, or to whom this may concern I am a regular customer of Lowe’s in Erie, Pa on Keystone Dr. and I am a very unsatisfied customer at this point concerning the fence that was put in July 2017, and I have visit back to the Store in person and not getting anywhere with the Store, they always away, on lunch break, or maybe Vacation left several of messages haven’t received a call back yet, and I know there must be someone who can come out and solve this problem to satisfy me in this matter, or you all come get this fence out of my yard, and take it down, or I will find a source of having me a proper fence put in, this problem has been going for about 5 months, and I have been over backwards to be a value customer, i look forwarded hearing from you as soon as possible. Mr. Willie Hopkins phone number: 814 454-3918

  • Mr. Niblock,
    I am hoping you do read this. I have been dealing with your Wentzville MO. Lowes now for 8 months on my install of carpet and tile job of only 800 sq ft of carpet and 50 sq ft of tile and it is still not finished and i am still getting many stories of no concern, no rush, and sorries, doing the best we cans, etc… I AM DONE WITH THAT !!!! This is past the frustration point.. There is so much more to this story and wish you could contatct me for the details.. You need new management and an overhaul in this store and people that care about their job and your company.. and a new third party contractor that does the same. This is INSANE …. This job should have been finished in 3-4 weeks TOPS !…. WE ARE 4 MONTHS SHORT OF A YEAR and its still not finished.. I REALLY need to speak with you .. I have pics, dates, names, etc…. . before i take this further.. Thank you for your time.. I hope this site is legit….

    • I have the same issue here in SC; could you contact me directly please.
      The Lowe’s Executive team is useless in help.
      Enough is enough, and reaching Mr. Niblock attention is impossible.

  • We purchased a refrigerator from Lowes in the Hartsville S.C store , it is still under the protection plan. we called for two days, we talked with someone, they said someone would call us back. No one has returned the calls, were put on hold several times for 30 minutes, someone finally answered said they would call back. The refrigerator will not cool. We need someone to help us with this problem and get it fixed. My phone no. 843-537-3578 Thank you Billy Sellers

  • Theories in our home town sucks big time ,they are not senior friendly and I live in Brazoria county we just experienced a hurricane “Harvey” I understand that our communities are all working to get things going again but at 10 min till 7pm I arrived and parked in handicapped and as I very slowly walked to the door the man standing in the door way and never said a word and when I was 12 ft from the doors he closed them locked them and walked away he saw me struggling to get to the door knowing that and closing the door on my face was unacceptable so I’m contacting you to let you know I’m a retired Corp manager of retail business especially and I will spread the word thru media and let our news channels know that seniors aren’t welcome at Lowe’s I am so angry cause people are helping people all over Texas from every where and this man just wanted to go home and saw a slow old person and COULDN’T be bothered so my mission now is to show the way Lowe’s treats customers in a time of need.

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