Effective strategies to save cash and pay off your debt

CleverDude_IncentivesWhen you are deep in debt, you always think that repayment is a big challenge. This is especially true if your loans keep increasing while your income remains stagnant through the years. Repaying your loans can be quite a challenge, however, it is possible. Nevertheless, there is no single strategy that suits every individual and each situation. Here are a few suggestions to help you save to repay your debts.

Save on your vehicle

You can save lots of cash if you opt to use one vehicle in your household. You can consider walking or cycling to your office, carpooling or using public transport. You will definitely save lots of cash if you use one car to run your household. This is because you will not have to worry about gas, insurance or regular vehicle maintenance and repair services that cost lots of money.

Have a practical budget

Ensure that your household runs on a practical budget. A spending plan will enable you to manage your debt payments as your expenditures will be minimized. This is because you will be able to spend money on the most important items that you need in your home first. This is because you will be spending less money than you are actually earning every month. There are many websites and books that can help you create a good budget and help you to know more on how to get out of debt.


You can save cash and pay off your debts by stocking up your kitchen on groceries when they are abundant. Living up on food that you have stockpiled will enable you to save lots of cash as you will avoid rushing to the grocery shops every day. You can start by stashing non-perishable groceries such as cereals, canned foods and items that you can freeze like meat and bread. You will definitely save an excellent amount of cash that can be used to reduce your loans.

Increase your income

You can pick an extra shift or find a second job to increase your income. This way, you will have more money to pay off your loans. However, this will only work if you ensure that all your additional income goes to pay off your debts. This strategy will enable you to clear most of your debts in a short period of time.

Pay off costly debts first

You can save money by focusing most of your cash on the most expensive loan. You can achieve this by ensuring that every loan you have gets a minimum payment every month. You should then determine the credit that has the most expensive interest and concentrate all your additional payments to pay it off until it is cleared. This will help you save money on costly interest rates, cash that can be used to clear other loans.

Millions of people across the world are looking for practical ways of being debt free. However, one requires discipline and focus in order to religiously pay off their debt.

Albert Lewis is an acknowledged personal finance expert with several years’ experience under his belt. Check out his website to know more on how to get out of debt.

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  • Your article is really good to read. The statement which made me forceful to read the article is “This is especially true if your loans keep increasing while your income remains stagnant through the years”. All the points in the article are explained nicely. All are useful when it comes to the point debt relief and debt relief companies. When reading the article twice like the point called groceries which is something amazing to read on. I am hoping that you will continue your good work in future as well so that I can get more articles to read from you.

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