ECO: Looking for a Bathroom Sink? Consider These Options

bathroom-809820_640Your bathroom is definitely among the first rooms your visitors enter, so you bet it will be great to have masterpieces that leave people with beautiful memories. You should also reward yourself by adding little artistic pieces in your house. Is your bathroom sink up to par? Read on to explore more options of sinks that you can install in your home.

  • Recycled Bronze Sinks

Although some interior décor experts have recently rated bronze sinks as outdated, you can prove them wrong by tweaking your normal bronze sink or exploring the new type of bronze white bronze. During the Architectural Design Home Show in New York City, several industry players admitted that this new shade has brought a new status to bronze articles. You are now not limited to choose from the usual earthen bronze colors, but a white bronze sink that will leave people guessing its origin.

An upside of bronze sinks is in their maintenance. Only use water, mild soap, and cloth to dry. Ensure that you are using non-abrasives to avoid causing harm to the patina of the sink’s metal.

  • Recycled glass sinks

With this, you can boast of a 100% recyclable quality piece. Recycled glass sinks are arguably the most beautiful modern bathroom vanities because of their versatility in beauty. They come in an endless variety of shapes, colors, textures and designs. In short, the artistic make of glass sinks is unlimited.

Glass sinks are best installed as vessel sinks to make a show of style and elegance. However, if you would still want a drop-in mount sink, you can explore various lighting options that can reveal the glass’s versatility. The light(s) can be put beneath the sink, which can easily trick people into believing that that’s the color of the glass. Moreover, glass sinks are very easy to maintain with just non-abrasive cleaning options or alcohol.

  • Concrete sinks

Concrete sinks have now joined the league of eco-friendly sinks with the manufacturers’ victory of reducing the production energy up to less than 40%. It is worth giving more thought to these sinks, since many modern homes across America are now opting for this type. In the past, many homeowners considered these sinks for their compound’s use. Things are now different since concrete sinks are causing a wave in the construction market with more versatile options to explore. Custom-made pieces are now being made, including mixing cement with other materials like porcelain or glass.

The high durability of cement-based sinks makes them to be arguably the longest lasting sinks. Ensure such basics as application of a sealer is observed to preserve the cement’s porous nature. Your installers should also confirm that your floor is strong enough to hold the heaviness of the cement-based sink, as well as the installation of adequate support below the sink.

If you are not the toned color type, then concrete sinks may not be the best for you. Its limited deviations cannot cover all color ranges, unless you add a bright color effect with the mixture of glass or any other bright, suitable material.

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