Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills

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The biggest challenge in personal finance is finding out ways to spend less money and one of the best ways to be able to do this is to cut down on your monthly bills. Some of our regular bills may seem small and insignificant however the cumulative expense can balloon up and become a huge cash drain on our resources.

To minimize the monthly damage caused, a lot of people are looking to find easy ways to cut expenses that are both effective and can be implemented immediately. Here are a few ways you can save money that you can try without too much hassle but offers the possibility to save hundreds over time.

  1. Use public transportation. You can save on gas, parking and maintenance over time if you have access to public transportation. Each time you leave your car behind, you’ll be saving money. Nowadays, there’s rideshare services that makes it also easier to commute if you don’t feel comfortable taking the public transportation but would still like to save some money occasionally.
  1. Paying off debt and consolidating loans. If you pay off debt, there would be fewer bills to pay, leaving you more money to save. Also, it is best to do your research first if you plan on consolidating your debts. If you do find a good loan consolidation option, it can pay off every single month.
  1. Do comparison shopping for the items you need to purchase. Sometimes we tend to just shop where we are for a particular item and not canvas around to see if we can get it for a cheaper price. Now you don’t have to drive around and see which product is being sold the cheapest but you can do it by by clicking here. All you have to do is select a product from an extensive list they have, get matched with suitable suppliers and you can compare them based on your requirements. This service lets you find the best quote and saves you money by giving out all the information to you.
  1. Reducing entertainment expenses. A lot of people look at their entertainment to try to trim down the cost but they tend to forget the regular expenses that eat out on the finances monthly. By looking at club memberships, magazine and newspaper subscriptions or even monthly cellphone plans – assess if you’re getting the most out of these monthly. If you see that you only go once a month to the gym or the country club, or if you just leave that newspaper unread then you are just throwing away money.
  1. Saving money on food. By cooking and packing your own meals at home, you can freeze future meals and take some leftovers for lunch to work. Reduce eating out or getting take out too often as well. This may sound convenient but the expense is tremendous if you do this daily. There are other options to make dining at home more convenient – focus on simple recipes that doesn’t require a lot of time and effort to prepare.

By following these simple tips, you can be financially savvy by saving a lot of money every month without sacrificing your lifestyle to do it. Take the time to look and how you spend your money and you’ll absolutely find stuff that you thought wouldn’t be able to negotiate prices on. There are lots of opportunities out there to put more of your money every month back into your pocket, you just have to look.

Are there any other type of monthly bills you wish that could be lowered aside from the list here?

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  • Nice article! Another tip related to comparison shopping is negotiation. I picked that one up from Ramit Sethi. It’s amazing the savings you can find on cell phone books, insurance, and other types of products when you call them saying, “I need to save some money on this bill… what can you do for me?” It’s not necessarily a lot, but every little bit helps and it adds up.

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