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Do’s and Don’ts of Shopping with Credit Cards

Credit cards have made life easiercredit-card-1730085_640 when it comes to shopping, either online or at stores. But handling credit card details while shopping can be a challenge.

Below are some Do’s and Don’ts of using credit cards in a secure way.

Be informed about the information to share while shopping online

Once you have prepared your shopping cart, there are several pieces of information required to complete the transaction. No online shopping store will ask you to enter your national ID number or your birthdate to sell their products. Such information is only retrieved by the hackers to create a cartel of information which enables them to build the scam.

Activate your skepticism

Skepticism acts as the gateway to process the information and keep an eye on surroundings. Activate it to be conscious about the possible unfortunate events. If you have just handed over your card to the retailer at POS, of course you wouldn’t want your credit card to enter a machine that can copy all the credit card details to make a fake copy of the credit card. Your skepticism would allow you to monitor the retailer’s moves while he charges your card.

E-check your Retailer

Use your browser to carry out the research about retailer’s authorizations before you start shopping online. Sufficient reviews can be skimmed to build your verdict about retailer’s credibility of being trusted with credit card payments.

Avoid shopping from insecure retailer websites. Ensure that website has SSL encryption installed. An SSL URL will start with https:// (instead of http://).

Be aware of Terms & Conditions

Before you are issued a credit card, make sure you read the terms and conditions to fully understand what you are signing for. You can always check banks’ websites to browse variety of credit cards suiting your need. For UAE credit cards, you can always find something for your requirement through National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) credit card offers.

Don’t leave the door open

If you love to shop online, don’t leave your laptop during the online session. If you are outside your home, free Wi-Fi can be risky. More than 50% of free Wi-Fi spots are exposed to hacking.

Sharing is caring – make your credit card an exemption to this

Don’t share your credit card details with anyone until you can trust him. If you can find the one, make sure not to send your credit card details via email, social media or even entering the details on an unsecured website. Encryption services should be used only, to transfer the credit card details online.

Cross check after using credit card

If you swipe your card at POS, don’t forget to check your payment receipt before leaving the counter. Cross check the amount charged with your bill and make sure you have turned on SMS confirmation to get the prompt information about the transaction made. Keep track of the payments made via credit card and regularly reconcile with your bank statement.

Enable Security Layers

Reliable websites might have further security layers to protect the buyers. Additional information might be needed such as Visa card’s “Verified by Visa” and Master card’s “Secure Code.”

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