Do You Need a Steel Building on Your Property?

winter-barn-556696_640If you are going to invest in a building on your property, you owe it to yourself to make sure you are using the strongest materials possible. Regardless if your plans are for housing livestock, protecting equipment and supplies, or simply looking for a nice environment to spend your time, a steel building could be just what you are looking for.

However, a steel building in and of itself doesn’t exactly mean strength of structure, unless it has been built properly. Just before our family moved to West Virginia, I experienced this for myself first hand.

Shelter during the storm

We were moving to West Virginia simply because we couldn’t refuse the offer we had given on a large amount of land. I come from four generations of tobacco farmers and by making the move, I would be able to plant and harvest more cro than my family had ever grown in the past.

The home on the property wasn’t exactly anything to brag about, but there were two older large wooden barns and a steel building on our property that would work perfect for the needs of our farm.

After purchasing the place, two of my brothers and I visited the land in order to make improvements before the big move. We had grown up with a love for camping and this was the perfect excuse for a few days to ourselves. We loaded up two trucks with the tools, material, and supplies we would need, and headed for what was soon going to be my new home.

I had heard about some of the thunderstorms in the area, but I was nowhere ready for what I was about to encounter. We were on the back end of the property line when the storm hit, not far from the steel building. I think each of my brothers and I were thinking the same thing. It’s made of steel, surely it’s a safe place to be. However, once we were inside the building, we could see just how poorly it had been put together.

About ten minutes after the rain started, sections of the roofing began to get ripped off by the wind. We decided that remaining in the little bit of shelter that still was standing was better than being out in the open. Next thing we new, we were surrounded with a complete mess of the buildings remains.

Rebuilding for the future

After checking in with a few of the neighbors down the road to evaluate the damage that had been done on their property, I asked if they had any recommendations when it came to replacing the building. More than one person told me that calling steel garage wv would be my best bet.

Not only did they have the building I needed, they were able to handle the building process themselves. The building I wanted was more affordable than I thought it would be and it took the crew no time at all to assemble the new structure.

Today the building stands as one of the best investments I have made on my new land. An investment that pays for itself as each season passes.

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