Do You Like the Guest Posts?

In the last two weeks, I’ve posted guest articles every weekday. Well, I want to know whether you like the articles, want to see more, or don’t want to see any at all. FYI, I can’t seem to delete the the random “n” above the poll so you don’t need to message me that it’s there.




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  • I like guest posts once a week, or every other week. It also depends if the blog is a multi-author blog or a blog where I go for one person.

    If it’s for one person, I expect the majority of the posts to be by that person. If it’s a multi-author blog, I expect posts by a wide range of authors, and guests posts are almost a given.

  • I enjoyed the guest posts, I am new to your blog but have been reading , commenting on and scanning them the last couple of days. My blog reader had all your posts since May 7th in it.

    I saved 14 posts to read later in my blog reader (bloglines) and of those 14 posts, 8 of them were guest posts. So I almost voted “all the time”, but the option I really was looking for was “a lot of the time (whenever a good one comes your way)”.

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