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Do you like my stories?

My wife mentioned something the other day that I didn’t already realize. Most of my posts are in a story format.

Whereas many other Personal Finance sites write in lists or how-to format, I write stories. I don’t plan my writing like that; I just think it makes for better reading. But what do you think? Do you like reading my stories?

You see, I think writing plain articles kind of boring, as is reading them. I like dishing out my secrets, although I think Stacie is always worried how much I’ll give away. I don’t give everything away because my coworkers and some friends know about the site, so I want to keep some sort of privacy.

However, you all know by know that I’m impatient, lazy, and sometimes downright stupid. I make rash decisions, but then I learn from them. It might take me two or more times to actually ACT on that little educational moment, but I learn. And I like to help you learn through example, rather than through just lecture.

So what type of articles would you like to see on Clever Dude? Do you care to see our budget? More How-To articles? Investing, insurance or taxes (I hope not!)? I do warn you, I’m not like Trent (The Simple Dollar) or some other writers who can spew out 3-5 awesome articles a day. It takes alot for me to compose all my thoughts into a single, well-written, informative and personal article. That’s why I only write a couple per week.

Think about it and leave a comment or shoot me an email using my spiffy new contact form.

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  • I enjoy reading your blog more than most PF blogs because you’re an everyman kind of guy it’s nice to hear about your journey. Personally, it’s more interesting to me than a list, and often times more practical. If I send a blog link to my husband and say “hey, read this! it’s ten things we’re doing wrong/right!” he doesn’t care. But if I read someone’s personal experience, over dinner I can say “hey, I read something this guy did that helped whatever situation” and my husband listens.

    That’s valuable. Personal experience is valuable, and I tend to choose that over the instructables type of blog any day.

  • I assume when you speak of me it’s more like “hey honey, listen to what this idiot did to his house today!” All in a day’s work. Thanks for the motivation!

  • I definitely like that you write in a story format. Like you said, there are hundreds of personal finance blogs, and there’s only so many ways you can list 5 tips to save money. The best way to add unique, interesting content is to communicate yourself as an individual rather than a lecturer – and you do that really well. Keep it up!

  • This is one of my favorite pf blogs to read, since you’re in the same niche as me it is comforting to see someone with a style all his own. Feel free to check my blog out too.

  • Well, as someone said, “the list post is dead.” It’s like tabloid journalism, or Cosmo, or GQ. Just selling dead trees.

    I think the story format is great. Are you sure you want to liquidate that bass and amp?? You must have a lot of guitars.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I’ve only subscribed to you for a short time… thought this WAS about Finance–evidently,it’s not what I thought. Stick to Finance; not your silly stories.

  • Noma: I have 2 guitars (I kept upgrading for now reason). The other one is an acoustic Washburn. The bass and amp are just taking up too much space, and I think they would be better with someone who has the time to use them.

    JAK: Well, it’s about PERSONAL finance. I’m working on giving more basic advice in non-story format (not necessarily lists), but it’s hard! Stories seem to roll off my fingers, and just telling about my own mistakes and how I fixed them is less risky than taking a hardline stance on something 🙂

  • My advice: write in the format you like to write in. Don’t force yourself into a style that doesn’t work for you. Your blog will suffer if you do that.

  • Personally, I do a bit of both over at my site… but I’ve always enjoyed your style. You have to use the style that fits your personality… once I received a little media attention, I was tempted to sound more “official”… and then I quickly grew tired of posting… I went back to writing posts that I liked to write…

  • After you start following personal finance blogs for a few months, you start noticing a lot of content rehashed over and over. Stories like yours make it more unique. They’re easier to relate to

  • I enjoy the story-format. It makes me think of exactly how I do things (an engineer-ish and penny-pinching type of person).

  • I really enjoy your posts just for fun reading but not for personal finance advise. Most of your posts have nothing to do with finance. I understand the personal part though. That’s interesting to read.

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