Do You Know These Tips Can Help You Reduce Your Home Heating Bills?

cold-1284028_640The holiday season is here again! The best time of the year that I spend with my full family in togetherness and love. It’s also the time of the year that my heating bills go up due to the cold weather. Thanks to my large family too. A major percentage of my yearly budget also gets consumed when trying to keep my home comfortable and warm. I remember that I used to get mixed feelings about this season due to my high heating expenses. But this year, I’m going to enjoy the season with full excitement.

Why? Because I am not spending too much on heating my home like I used to. I have made sure that my home heating is centralized and I am prepared. But seriously, do you know the amount of heating energy consumed in the United States during this season is relatively high? As the energy consumption increases, the heating bills also increase.

This is really serious.

In today’s economic situation, just like me, I know many people are looking for ways to reduce their heating expenses. I can’t imagine freezing to death while sipping a lovely sparkling wine just because I want to reduce my heating expenses.

Anyway, with the holidays around the corner, you need to brighten your Christmas season by making sure that your house is warm and comfortable. This means that you can strategically reduce the cost of your heating making sure you have proper heating systems at home. Here are some tips that has really helped me and I am definitely sure would help you too.

Your furniture placement

Do you know that your home décor can cost you heating expenses if your furniture pieces are not placed strategically? Well, it is true. You should arrange them so that they are a little bit closer to your air vents or wall heaters, and the heat circulation flow will be limited. This would enable adequate circulation of heat around the house and keep the temperature at an optimum level making you spend less. Unlike when your furniture was far away from your heater, you would have to adjust the temperature to be a little higher, and thus, you will be paying more for heating. Whereas, a simple redecorating trick could help you reduce your heating expenses.

The main objective behind this is to limit the amount of space that receives the heat. Therefore, you really need to be careful with this trick. You should reduce the temperature, let it be almost at the lowest. This will save you some heating cost. Do not place your upholstered chairs directly in front of your heater because it is highly dangerous. If the outflow of heat is trapped in a small area, the heat might build up fast and may lead to your couches catching fire.

Invest in good HVAC systems

Well, this may cost you a little from your widow’s mite but you need to invest in good central heating systems once and for all, rather than spend so much to repair and maintain your old heating systems. You can get a central gas heating systems to heat your whole house or get heat pumps to offer affordable heating.

According to National Air Warehouse, “Heat pumps allow thermal energy to move against its impulsive flow direction by applying heat absorption within a cold space and then continue the movement to a warmer space.” Therefore, with a good HVAC system, your home will be warm and comfortable; thus, helping you to reduce your heating bills.

Using the foil wrap technique

I am sure you never thought of another useful need for foil wraps other than your baking needs. Actually, the foil can be used as a good tool to reduce heat cost. A non-stressful DIY technique of placing the foil between your wall and the radiator. This would help to reflect heat back to your home. Awesome hack! Those foils just found a new use.

Managing temperature range

Most people do not know the right temperature range to use on their thermostat. A range of 60-70 degrees is just right and can help you to even save the cost of about 5%. Use this alternating method of 68 degrees while inside the house and readjust to 65 degrees on those trips to the mall or when you are working outside of your home. The rate at which your bills would reduce would baffle you.

Reduce the speed of your ceiling fans

Do you know that your ceiling fan could be strategically used to help you reduce the cost of your heating? Let’s look at it this way. The counterclockwise rotation will push hot air up during summer, but, a clockwise rotation will help keep the heat inside the room warmer, especially during the cold times. If you know this, you could use it to push heat down the room. Use your ceiling fan to strategically achieve better airflow. I bet you never thought this could work, you should try it!

Insulate the attic

Insulation of your home is important because it aids to reduce the rate at which heat leaves the house. The attic is one of the few places that are target escape route for heat. Get one of those simple DIY insulation materials and fix up your attic to save your money and keep you warm and cozy.

Get affectionate with warm accessories

This is the best time to fall in love with your duvet, winter sweaters, and warm socks. I have already gotten all those ugly thick Christmas sweaters for my kids and I. You need to keep warm every time, so you should have warm blankets around, even on couches, so that it doesn’t take extra stress to get warm. You could also add an extra rug so that the floors can be insulated. Warm clothes can help you save a whole lot and they can be used over and over again.

Heat where you need

This is quite a very important trick in reducing your heating expenses. If your family won’t be as large as mine during this holiday season, you can heat only the rooms where you stay. There is no sense heating every room in the house when you might not likely be in that room longer than few minutes or hours at best. If there are rooms that you don’t use at all, try to seal off the vents in those rooms, so that the flow of heat will be directed to the rooms that you use.

Last minute tips: You should ensure that your HVAC systems are properly repaired and maintained. You should use gas heaters instead of electric ones. Make sure that your air filters are clean because dirty filter could increase your heating bills. Always keep your windows closed and covered so that the heat will not escape through them and keep your room warm.

Lastly, you should spend this holiday season joyfully without worrying about your heating bills.

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