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Do Restaurants Really Need a POS System?

A point of sale system is an investment that can save you time, money and a host of other problems if you were still kicking it old school with an old cash register. Any restaurant or business establishment can benefit from all the positives a good POS system brings, like increased sales, improved efficiency and faster checkout times. If you’re in the restaurant business, here are a few reasons you should consider ditching the old cash register and investing in a POS system.

  • Get help with your inventory. One of the best functions of a POS system is inventory management. You don’t need to manually add everything in a spreadsheet anymore or use a log book. With a solid POS for restaurants, you can upload your existing CSV inventory file and just do some editing if you need to. You’ll never run out of ingredients again! A good POS system will warn you when you’re about to run out and even print out order request forms for purchasing.
  • Faster Communication between your front liners and your kitchen. Front liners can be equipped with touch screen devices (Android, iPad, iPod Touch) that can dramatically speed up ordering times. Once a customer places an order, the wait staff sends it over electronically to the kitchen before heading off to attend to another customer. Quick and easy. 
  • Better, faster payments and check-out times. Most POS systems offer secure payments for credit cards already built-in, so you don’t need to have a separate service running. This solution is faster and offers more security, because if something does happen, like a hack or some sort of fraud, you’ll only have to deal with one company and not several. One thing I hate when eating out is waiting an eternity for my bill. Newer systems can install mobile card readers to the iPads, so that your wait staff can process payments table-side. This is faster than having to run over the cashier and will speed up your check out process, earning you more money and happier customers. 
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management. In today’s customer centric business environment, CRM is critical to winning new customers and keeping existing ones happy. Many companies put a premium on customer service because it’s one of the main areas where they can set themselves apart from everyone else. With a CRM program in place, you can track loyalty, offer discounts, greet them on their birthday and have a complete history of all their transactions, so you’ll know your customer better than anyone else. This will give you a leg up on your competition. 
  • Employee Management. POS systems come equipped with a Time Clock and Employee Management System. You can now keep track of your employee’s attendance and shift schedules. POS systems can even print out pay slips for you, making payroll easier. 
  • Sales Tracking. Another awesome feature of a good POS system is the ability to track your sales. Specifically, what your best sellers are and what doesn’t even sell on a discount. Analyze your restaurants performance with the built in reporting tools, which allow you to go back to a particular day, month or year if you want to track something. You can even track the performance of your staff. The POS system can tell you who your superstars are, so you can reward them for a job well done.

If you run a restaurant, you absolutely need a POS system to help you run it, but not just any kind. A generic pos system won’t work for you, because you need a system that was made specifically for your industry. Choose one that has a proven track record in the restaurant business and always ask for a free trial. To be competitive in a tough industry, you need every advantage you can get, and a good POS system designed for restaurants can give you that edge.

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