Did you win the Dell Vostro V130? Check here!

And the winner of the Dell Vostro V130 is..

Lori M.

Lori had the following comment:

Lori M. March 9, 2011 9:30 pm

  1. I would own a legal research and writing shop.
  2. Not letting work overtake the rest of my life. Finding the proper balance.

I used the integer generator from and it popped out number 53. Count down the comments and Lori M. is number 53!

Lori has 48 hours from when I contact her to respond back that she can/will accept the prize, and then I’ll hook her up with Dell to handle the W-9 form. If she can’t/won’t accept the prize, I’ll draw another random winner and update this post.

Thanks for all the great comments! I was actually surprised at all the people who want to start a brewpub. Either my readers are an odd selection of the population, or our nation will be full of brewery pubs in the next few years (I would rather have that scourge than coffee shops personally).

Good luck to all of you in fulfilling your dreams! Hopefully putting it down in writing was the first step to you actually making a business plan and starting out on your voyage!

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