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Declutter to Destress

If your house is getting crowded, full of boxes of old possessions you mean to do something about but never do, you probably experience more stress than other people. That’s right – mess creates stress.

Living in a cluttered home overstimulates your brain with more sensory input than you can easily process; it creates feelings of guilt (“I’ve been meaning to unpack those boxes for years, I’m too disorganised”); and of course, most obviously it simply makes it difficult to find things when you need them.

Whether you have a cupboard or spare room that’s filled to bursting, or a house that’s disorganised and stuffed with possessions you don’t really need, now is the right time to start dealing with the problem, and declutter your way to a stress free life!


The first step to take is create a bit of distance. If you look for storage London has plenty of options – click here for more details.

Moving all your clutter out of your house and into storage has a number of advantages. Firstly, it lets you see how your home could be after you’ve solved the problem. You get a preview of the extra space you’ll have and can start to think about what you’ll do with it.

More importantly, it creates some emotional distance. If some of the things you’re thinking about parting with have sentimental value, getting them out of the house will help you make an objective judgement about them. Do you miss them? Are they really irreplaceable?


You need to gather your thoughts and plan your way through this. Take an inventory of all the items under contention, and work through it systematically, dividing the list into categories: items you can simply throw away, things you want to donate to charity, and things you can sell. If one of the ways you’re decluttering is getting rid of a collection you’ve outgrown, be it comic books, dolls or records you could make some money into bargain!

It’s also worth considering if there’s anything you may want to pass on to friends or family members. Knowing they’ll be going to a good home can help you to part with things you have a strong emotional attachment to, when you recognise intellectually the right thing to do is move on.


Once you’ve made a plan, put it into action! Making a list, as above, lets you deal with a huge amount of your clutter in one go – you can take everything you’ve identified as rubbish to the local tip in a single journey and deal with a third of your clutter in one day! Seeing results provides the motivation you need to push through and finish the job so you can enjoy your calmer, clutter free life.


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