Finances & Money Project: 48 Experiences of Blogging Mistakes

Being a blog owner, I read every day. A couple weeks ago, I found that Dan was running a project to collect stories of mistakes we bloggers have committed in the past, how we fixed them, and what we learned from them.

If you’ve been following Clever Dude for at least 2 months, you might remember when I “made it big” on Lifehacker with my wife’s Frugal Lunch post. I also made a booboo and used a picture from Flickr without attributing it to the owner. I learned a little bit about Creative Commons that day. I wrote a post about my experience (see list below) that fits perfectly with Dan’s theme, so I submitted it right away. Turns out I was one of the first submissions, so my post is near the top.

I plan on reading through each one of these articles as I don’t want to commit the same mistakes myself (if I already haven’t). I invite you to do the same:

Thanks for the project Dan!

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  • I decided to use iStockPhoto for creatives. They’re fairly cheap. I’m not expecting my blog to take off like the other excellent blogs out there (I just might not find the time and dedication like you guys), but the things I like to do, I do them well… So decided that the expense will be worth if I can get the quality I’m expecting.

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