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A reader named Kristen asked the following:

I’ve heard you mention that you put your tuition on a 0% interest card. I’m looking to start school in the fall and would like to do the same thing, can you recommend a card with an initial 0% interest for the first year? Thank you!ch

And no, I didn’t plant this question. But I have just a few options for you and here they are by duration. Please read the Terms & Conditions for any card you may with to apply for. Also most of these cards are rewards or rebate cards.

NOTE: I have removed the credit card affiliate links from this article

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  • I see the previous comment about the site being an advertisement for credit has been deleted. It does appear that you are pushing the idea of credit more and more lately, and advertising it.

  • @jiggypete, it wasn’t deleted. Rather, Spam Karma grabbed it back out for some reason. It’s been snatching comments all over my site today, so I think I need to change the settings.

    I’ve been pondering a response to the comment, and I think I’ll respond with a full post instead since I want to be sure all of my readers see it.

  • I never put 2 and 2 together to realize that one of the reasons that credit card transfer maximums have gone away on a couple of cards is because of those people who use credit cards to make money!

    Good insight, but now it makes me slightly annoyed at those people that do that when I am just using the 0% offer to increase the impact of my debt payments on my overall balance!

    I am still mostly pissed at the companies though and I have 2 cards that operate that way right now. As soon as they are paid off they are either going to sit there idle to keep my credit score high, or get closed. I think other people should do the same before other credit card companies decide that this is the status quo and they follow along.

    When I recently applied for a 0% offer for 12 months from Chase Platinum that was one of my deciding factors and a balance transfer many months ago to a Discover card was also based on this fact.

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