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Credit Card Debt: Ohhh so close to gone!

I got a few checks this past week from affiliate sales, Adsense and other income that enticed me to consider paying off the rest of our original $20,000 in credit card debt. However, I opted for the safe bet and wait until the end of the month when it fits into the budget.

But I did pay off $1,500 of the remaining $2,687 balance! That means we only have $1,187 of credit card debt remaining. This doesn’t count debt we incur monthly, but pay off that same month. We put our internet purchases on credit cards rather than our debt card for more protection, and we also get 5% cashback on gas purchases until the end of the month from Discover Card.

So, only one more month and that Credit Card debt scale on the sidebar will be GONE! Actually, I’ll leave it there, but it will be $0.

I can hardly wait to send that last check. I don’t know how I’ll feel, but I know we won’t be celebrating by buying junk on credit!

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