Craig T. Beling: From Big Business To Big Family

unreal-1714438_640From dealing with major IPOs with Google, Orbitz and Dominos to a working as a consultant for some of the world’s largest companies, Craig T. Beling’s career has been an eclectic balance of assisting businesses in important decision making events and ensuring their success in their many financial endeavors. In fact, Beling spent a great deal of his early career working for Wall Street. Though certainly no cookie cutter existence, Craig’s earliest existence in the financial world are that of the stereotypical financial lawyer helping create and close the kind of deals that have become synonymous with Hollywood film…

That is until something changed.

A Shift in Focus

From Wall Street to family man, focus has a way of shifting when children come into the picture. When Beling’s four kids came into his life, he began thinking less about the burdens of big business and more about the financial burdens that plague many families, especially those with multiple children. He knew that it took a lot to simply provide for a large family and even more to provide the kind of life that you wanted to give them. With this understanding of how a father’s heart works, Beling’s practice developed a real heart for helping families and while this is not all that the firm tackles, it has a real soft spot for helping families to live a brighter tomorrow.

Family Debts

1 in every 50 households in America is in a considerable amount of debt. With 119.03 million households in the US, this number is far more substantial than first glance would have you believe. Today’s parents are swimming in student loans (theirs and their childrens’), mortgages, credit card debt and other expenses. This can lead to the phone always ringing with a collector on the other end of the line, bills piling up in the mailbox and an overall anxiety about what the future holds. The Beling Firm’s top priority is assisting families in reclaiming their financial independence and renewing their peace of mind for the days ahead.

When finances are keeping you from living your best life with your best people, turn to Craig T. Beling, the lawyer who understands the heart of both big business… and big families. Together, you can create that fresh start that you need to live your best life.

About Mr. Craig T.Beling

Prior to his work with Village Care International Mr. Craig T. Beling started a practice as a licensed Texas attorney with a substantial experience in business law and litigation. He has an Honors degree from Harvard University and a Law degree from Boston College Law School. Beiling has worked in some of the most revered law firms in the nation before founding his law firm. As an attorney for those companies, Beling practiced bankruptcy, energy real estate, and securities law.

Craig T. Beling manages debt negotiation and settlement services in addition to serving as an accomplished Business Consultant and Corporate Counsel for a number of local and domestic entities like the Portfolio Management Group, AG ( Swiss Management Company), Clarus Capital Group, and Clarus Fund Ltd.

The firm is thriving due to Beling’s massive experience in the global financial markets combined with his expertise as a lawyer and a financial consultant. He has extensive work experience in various areas of financial management like Raising capital, Business and financial consulting, Managing alternative investments, Capital markets, Real estate, Compliance matters, and fixed income.

Craig T. Beling Recognized as the Best Student Loan Consolidations, Dallas Area

Craig T. Beling and Associates was recently awarded for the best loan consolidations systems for students in Dallas region. The firm has worked diligently to offer the best consolidation in the area of private student loans offering the lowest interest rates. The straightforward and efficient method of loan consolidation gives clients a peace of mind.

Craig T. Beling and Associates has made massive footprints in the communities in Dana Point, California, through their commitment to consumer protection and legal representation for non-profit organizations, and the future.

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