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Cost of the Weekend to Remember

In my post “It was a Weekend to Remember“, I highlighted the events of our vacation this past week down to North Carolina. Now here’s the breakdown of the costs:

Conference Gift Certificate

Although we purchased the gift certificate last year for $158 (discount of $80) as a gift for someone else, I still need to add it in:

Total: $158

Auto Rental

We rented the car from our local Enterprise Rent-A-Car, where I do almost all of our rentals. We got 1 weekday free for complaining about the nasty cigarette smoke smell in the car. We had 3 weekend days at $19.49 each and 1 weekday at $35.99.

Total: $106.57 (with taxes, surcharges, etc.)


Since we got the car with under a quarter tank of gas, they said we didn’t need to bring it back with any gas. Unfortunately, I didn’t gauge the gas usage on the way back, so I still returned it with the same 2 bars of gas. I really thought about siphoning the gas into my own tank, but I thought that was just being cheap.

Additionally, we thought gas would be cheaper in North Carolina than in DC. It wasn’t. We couldn’t find many places with gas under $3.10 per gallon, but we did find it for $2.89 in Virginia on the way back home. We went through about 29 gallons of gas.

Total: $83.00 (not bad compared to what my Ridgeline would have taken)


For Wednesday and Thursday nights, we stayed at my friends’ house. We paid that bill by “gracing them with our presence”. Friday night cost us $99 plus taxes. We skipped out of Saturday night.

Total: about $110


Surprisingly, I didn’t gain much weight on this trip, but we did eat out quite a bit. We had Indian (some place in Raleigh and Saravana Palace in Virginia), Cracker Barrel, Caroline’s Diner (Greensboro), Mr. Dunderbak’s (German food), Chinese fast food (me) & Arby’s (Stacie), and Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant. We also got some ice cream (twice) and some other random goodies.

Total: $114 (over half of our monthly budget for dining out)


We went to the Bodies Exhibition and both got the audio tour (not worth it). Total tab was $61 for the tour, but I think my friend forgot to tell me there was a service charge to order the tickets online, so we didn’t pay that extra fee. We also paid $2 for parking to tour Duke University (our friend covered the other $2 when we went to the gardens). Lastly, I need to add the conference CD set since we skipped out early.

Total: $113

Total Cost of our Vacation

Gathering all the amounts, our trip was a bit less than we first estimated since we skipped out early and also got a free day on our car rental:

Total for trip: $684.57 (give or take a couple dollars)

We rarely take extended vacations, and I think this money was well spent. We could have saved money by driving our own vehicle, but we both like to try out different vehicles. It’s one of our few splurges since we don’t spend much money on clothing, electronics, or fine dining. We did bring our own cereal, but had to pay $1.75 for a half-pint of milk at the hotel, but it was still cheaper than the $5 slice of toast through room service.

By the way, if you have any questions about the Weekend to Remember, feel free to ask!

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