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Convenience Store Chronicles: Three Ways To Save!



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Convenience stores are not known for having great deals. A convenience store is where you buy a late night pizza because they’re on the nearest street corner, or where you pick up a twelve pack of soda because you’re already there getting gas. The price is a little higher, but you don’t care because it’s convenient and saves you time and effort.

My experience over the weekend just might change that perception.

After filling up my van with gas, I headed inside to pay. Just as I was about to walk away from the cashier, he handed me a flier and said, “Here’s something for your next couple of visits.” Once back in my car I took a look at single page ad that contained several coupons that I knew I would use.

  1. 7 cents per gallon discount : Filling up my 20 pound van tank would save me $1.40. Not a huge money saver, but if it saves me money, I’ll use it.
  2. By One Get One Free Pizza : This convenience store carries a type of frozen pizza that my family really likes. Priced at about $7 per pizza, it’s a bit more expensive than most frozen pizzas. A buy one, get one free coupon effectively cuts the price in half.
  3. $1 off 12-pack Of Soda : This essentially brings the price equal to my grocery store. But, it does allow me to pick one up at the convenience store when I’m crunched for time and not over pay.

I then noticed that he gave me three of the fliers, and the coupons didn’t expire for several weeks.

I decided I was going to make an effort to find out what other offers my nearby convenience store offers:

  • Ask For A Flier : Each time I buy gasoline, I’m going to go into the store and ask for a flier. If there are good coupons, I’ll ask if I can have a couple of them.
  • Signup for Texts and Emails : I followed the directions on the flier to visit their website and sign up for email and text offers.
  • Look Online : The convenience store’s website had a coupon for a free cup of coffee. I don’t know if it’s any good, but I’m willing to give it a try. I’m also interested to see if the online coupon changes.

Note:  After signing up for email offers, I immediately received another coupon for 7 cents off per gallon on my next fill up.

This sounds like the making of a potential new series here at CleverDude. Let’s call it The Convenience Store Chronicles. If I get a great deal from a flier, a text, or an email, I’ll let you all know about it!

Does your nearby convenience store offer any good deals? Have you ever asked?

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