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Closure: Amazon refunded the full amount!

About 2 weeks ago, I told you how my experience buying and returning heavy, expensive products to went. Well today I finally have closure of the experience when I saw the full $483.xx credit to my Discover card. They even refunded the $3.99 overnight shipping!

I shipped the product out of Staples on Monday, April 28th. It was received by Amazon 2 days later on April 30th (according to the UPS tracking code), but it took Amazon until May 7th to process the return and send me an email detailing how much would be refunded. I was glad to see they didn’t try to tack on a restocking fee.

And then this morning, May 9th, I logged into my Discover card account and saw the full amount was credited to the account. This was great because I the bill was due in a couple weeks and I didn’t want to have to send almost $500 to Discover and then have to get it refunded. However, at the rate we’re spending money for our outdoor projects (retaining walls), that $500 would be used up in no time.

So hooray for Amazon!

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