General has hit 1,000,000 page views!

Here’s an arbitrary multiple of 10 for you: has hit 1 million page views since inception less than 3 years ago. Check out my running tally here. Also, I have over 600,000 unique visitors and almost 1,100 articles during that time too.

Now, other personal finance blogs have hit double or triple that number in the same or less time, but for a site I still consider a hobby (because writing for a business would no longer be fun), I think it’s a pretty remarkable achievement.

My goal with this site has never been to get the most visitors or page loads, or even to make much money. I just really enjoyed writing. Recent things like school and work have gotten in the way of that enjoyment, but I haven’t given up!

So, thank you to all my visitors, whether you intended to come here or not. Next up, 1 million visitors! Ooh, I guess I should write something that makes you want to come here…

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