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Clever ways to entertain for less

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I get so tired of expensive entertainment that is really unfulfilling. So often we go out for dinner with friends and the meal may be expensive but very mediocre, or we watch a show that fails to impress. Now I like value for money and entertainment should be no exception, but there are so many ways to cut back on costs and still enjoy yourself just the same.

Work together to save

Everyone I know is trying to save money at the moment as the economy has been in a downward slide for a while. Our friends and families have either cut back on entertaining or looked for alternatives, and these are some of the options we have come up with.

Meal times

Rather than going to a restaurant hold a bring-and-share event at some ones house. If everyone brings a dish for a barbeque you can enjoy a huge variety of foods without a massive bill at the end. If the weather is dismal try a bring and share themed night, such as Mexican or Indian where everyone brings the ingredients for a dish and you all cook together. Picnics are also a great cost saving eating-out entertainment and are ideal for kids too.

Recreational activities

Swapping the cinema for home DVDs or an online streaming video service is an obvious choice and I love lying on my couch watching movies after a long week. Especially since I know I can make my own popcorn and not be charged a crazy concession amount. Mobile casino games at a sites are also one of my favorite pastimes and I have an added advantage of winning big if I’m lucky. Board games can also be rediscovered and it’s amazing how immersed kids can be in a good old fashioned game of Monopoly, that’s a lot cheaper than a new Xbox game.

Outdoor fun

Outdoor activities for good weather are easy alternatives and there are so many things you can do for free. A hike in the forest, a walk on the beach or Frisbee at the park are all loads of fun and have the added benefit of being good for you too.

There are so many alternatives to spending huge amounts of money on entertainment, you just need to be creative and find one that suits you.

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  • For cheaper entertainment we go to the beach, the pool, ride backs, and just enjoy time playing board games at home. I need to get on it since its summer time its perfect for grilling.

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