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Clever Tip: Restoring your swimming goggle vision

I can’t be the first one to think of this, but here goes. Last week we went swimming in our pool and my wife was trying to point out some staining on the pool plaster. I put on my goggles and look underwater, but I couldn’t see what she was talking about.

She figures I’m going blind, but then remembers I had been complaining about my goggles fogging up much more than last year. She lends me her goggles and I slip underwater. Whoah, what a difference! I can see every little stain and spot on our pool bottom and walls.

So I figure I need new goggles, but they can be pretty pricey. These goggles have lasted 3 seasons so far, but they’re obviously getting worn out. Then I remembered that I have a bottle of Rain-X for the car windows. I run inside (and get yelled at by Stacie as I get the floors all wet) and grab the Rain-X. I sprayed down the goggles and rub them dry.

I jump back in the pool and throw on the new goggles. Whoah, what a difference! (did I say that before?). The Rain-X instantly restored my goggle vision! So, if you already have Rain-X, try them out on your foggy goggles. If you don’t have Rain-X yet, go ahead and get some. It works wonders on your windows during wet weather, and also helps cleaning off bugs and other junk since they don’t stick as well to the Rain-X coating.

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  • there is also a far cheaper alternative and better environmental alternative–that is, spit in the goggles and wipe it around and voila, clear, non-fogging goggles. now people also use a raw potato.

  • clever dude, i recommend watching revenge of the nerds again and adopting buggar’s technique of phlegm accumulation. the stickier and globular the better.

  • Tim, that’s just disgusting 🙂

    Baz, I had thought about the RainX close to my eyes issue, but it’s a dried chemical, and it shouldn’t float into my eyes when the goggles are on. If it does, then that means the goggles aren’t working to keep the water out of my eyes.

  • Rain-X works by filling in the microscopic pores in glass, which creates a smoother surface that makes it much more difficult for water particles to stick to the glass. When it is buffed into the surface, it is completely smooth and the Rain-X does not run. I doubt any would get into the eyes.

    By the way, I love Rain-X on my car windows! You don’t even have to use your wipers while driving when it’s raining. (though I usually do anyway, just in case).

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