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Clever Posts Of The Week – September 26th

It’s been an interesting week as a parent in the CleverDude household.  Last weekend I was impressed by my son’s discovery that store brand products can be just as good as more expensive products.  But then I was frustrated by his lack of communication over a fairly expensive calculator that he needs for school.   Such is the roller coaster of parenthood, right?  We just keep teaching lessons at every opportunity, and hope they turn out OK.

Back to our usual Friday business, here’s my favorite posts I read this week.  Enjoy!

  1. 9 Major Money Rip-Offs That You’re Probably Overlooking from Avant Credit
  2. Personal Budgeting Software: Is it Worth it? from Modest Money
  3. Learning How To Budget  from Money Smart Guides
  4. The Trick To Body and Mind Confidence from FITNancials
  5. Do you have to give better gifts now that you make more? from Savvy Scot

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