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Clever Posts Of The Week – September 20th

Happy Friday, Clever Friends!  I was walking through a big box retailer yesterday, and can you guess what I saw?  WINTER COATS.  Ugh, another Summer come and gone without having accomplished many of the things I set out to do in April.  At least it’s great running weather.  Did you accomplish everything you set out to do this Summer?

While you’re contemplating that question, let’s talk about some great personal finance articles this week:

  1. Would you give back money? from DINKS Finance
  2. How Hard Should I Press To Get Last Month’s Discount? from Money Beagle
  3. Your Car Insurance Rates Can Be Lower If… from Prairie Eco Thrifter
  4. (Financially) Surviving a Vacation from Net Worth Warrior
  5. Guaranteed Get Out of Debt Plan from Free Money Minute

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  • @Free Money Minute – I like sledding and snowball fights as much as the next guy….but I’m just not ready yet for the warm weather to go away! Thanks for stopping by!

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