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Clever Posts Of The Week – October 10th

I may have dodged a bullet.  I’ve mentioned before that my wife declared we were going to host a Halloween party this year.  She hadn’t mentioned anything about it, and I was seriously contemplating bringing it up myself as time is starting to run short for planning and inviting people.  However, last night, we were told by a friend of ours that they had an invitation to give to us today.  Could it be a Halloween Party invitation?  This particular friend and her spouse is known to have Halloween parties, so I think it probably is.  I might just get out of hosting a party yet…….

I’m feeling pretty Clever, and so should you after reading this week’s high five!

  1. Why I don’t think anyone should tip EVER from DINKS Finance
  2. Why to buy based on value, not just on price from Money Stepper
  3. Having a Hard Time Getting By? 3 Budget Leaks You May Be Experiencing from Prairie Eco Thrifter
  4. Do Everything By The Book And Still Get Screwed By Health Insurance from Money Beagle
  5. 4 things to consider before buying a house on your own from Savvy Scot

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