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Clever Posts Of The Week – May 24th 2013

Well, hello Memorial Day weekend!  The unofficial start to start to summer – this time of year just puts me in a great mood.  Birds are chirping, everything is greening up, and the smell of freshly cut grass is almost constantly in the air.    What’s not to love?

Short list of links this week, as I’ve been busy enjoying the onset of my favorite season, but the three I do have are freakin’ awesome.  I’m sure you’ll agree.  🙂

  1. Free Money Minute describes one (of many) downside to ObamaCare in The 51st Employee is Fired!
  2. I’m always up for a great confession, and DINKs Finance doesn’t disappoint with Reader Confessions: I don’t know how much money I spent
  3. Warning! Your Prescription for Proper Credit Card Use via Money, Life and More – for me the proper use of a credit card is to cut it up into lots of little pieces, but other people can handle them responsibly.

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