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Clever Posts Of the Week – March 7th

I’ve got a very exciting weekend planned of doing my taxes.  I just can’t wait.  It really shouldn’t be too bad as I have all my documents collected and in a manilla envelope and the tax preparation software installed and ready to go.  It should just be a few hours of plugging in the data and seeing what the result is.  I purposefully have my withholding set to put us pretty close to zero taxes owed or return due.

Have you done your taxes yet? If you’re looking to procrastinate just a little longer, check out my favorite posts of the week instead.  🙂

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  • @Suburban Finances – very true…I get all my W2’s, interest statements and deduction documents all put together in a manilla envelope before I even start. That way once I start in with the tax preparation software I can just barrel all the way through it. Thanks for your thoughts!

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