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Clever Posts Of The Week – March 6th

There were some great comments left by readers on my recent post about tipping etiquette for take out food, and it really got me thinking that maybe I should expand my tipping horizons.  I was recently in a Cold Stone Creamery getting a Very Vanilla Shake (the most delicious ice cream treat ever created), and was served by a very friendly young lady.   She also happened to make my shake in record time.  So, when she handed me the signature form for my debit card transaction, I wrote in a $2 tip for my $4.50 shake.  As I walked away from the counter towards the door, I heard her exclaim, “Thanks SO MUCH for the tip!”  I turned around to see the hugest smile I’ve ever seen plastered across her face.  I smiled back and walked out the door.  Will she be ever working again when I come in to get my shake, and will it make a difference in the service I get?  Maybe, maybe not.  But she did a great job, AND the reaction from giving the tip was well worth the $2.

The whole experience put me in a good mood.  Maybe you can get a little mood lift from my favorite posts of the week.  Here we go…..

  1. How to tip at a hotel from DINKS Finance
  2. Do the Rich Use Debt Differently? from Prairier Eco Thrifter
  3. Best Way To File Taxes: DIY or Pro? from Money Smart Guides
  4. Would You Buy Out of Date Food to Save Money? from Money Bulldog

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  • Hey Brock,

    Just read your other post and I’m a bit sporadic with it myself. In the UK most take out orders tend to get delivered to your door and the delivery guys always have a habit of taking an age fumbling for their change – waiting for a tip I think. I do give one sometimes but it then puts the pressure on you to do it every time. My wife and I also got a little annoyed recently when we discovered that they had been adding money onto the order without permission. We resolved the issue the next time they delivered but that really made me not want to tip them again.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. =)

    Thanks for the include and I hope you had a great weekend!

  • @Adam – Thanks for sharing how things work across the pond, it’s interesting to hear about the differences between different countries. Hotel employees that deliver you bags do something similar…they just kind of hang around giving you every opportunity to tip them. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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