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Clever Posts of the Week – July 26th

This weekend is the surprise wedding reception for my mother-in-law that I wrote about a  couple of weeks ago.  I’m happy to report that everyone DID finally come together and discuss the finances of the party.  We  have the bill taken care of between all the siblings and it should be an excellent time!

I know, I know….you want links!  Here you go, my top 5 of the week:

  1. Our Vacation Budget from Plunged In Debt
  2. How Much Do You Have Saved For Christmas Gift Spending? from Money Beagle
  3. Financing A College Education With A Title Loan? from Debt Roundup
  4. How to avoid a garage sale letdown from Get Rich Slowly
  5.  How Long Does Planning for a Grocery Trip Take? from Frugal Guru Guide

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