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Clever Posts Of The Week – July 11th

It’s been an exciting week here at CleverDude – my post comparing the cost of Keg Beer to Canned/Bottled beer was picked up by Lifehacker!   I didn’t hate the traffic boom that followed at all.

From a finance perspective, the 4th of July with all it’s celebrating was a little hard on the checkbook.  We knew that would be the case, so we’re laying low this weekend doing a little cleaning, and a lot of sitting out on the deck enjoying Summer.

What are you up to this weekend, besides reading the best personal finance articles from the last week?

  1. How much money equals happiness? from DINKS Finance
  2. Beating Those Summertime Budget Blues from Save And Conquer
  3. 3 Ways To Stay On Track with Healthy Living from Prairie Eco Thrifter
  4. How Saving 50 Cents Cost Me 500 Bucks from Money Ahoy
  5. Are you missing out on free money? from Money Bulldog

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