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Clever Posts Of The Week – January 3rd

After two weeks off, I returned to work yesterday.  It felt very strange to be sitting in my cubicle, and I have to admit it wasn’t my most productive day ever.  It felt so much like a Monday – I even started to head off to the conference rooms for my usual Monday morning meetings.  Then, I wake up today and BAM, it’s Friday!  My vacation was so busy with going here and there and everywhere for the Holidays that I need a weekend to recover.

Anyone else feel that way?

I’m here to aid in your recovery process by providing the very best posts I’ve found this week for your enjoyment….here you go!

  1. How To Avoid Debt from Money Smart Guides
  2. Trends in Interest Rates in 2014 from Financial Nerd
  3. Don’t Let Money Take Over Your Life from Money Rebound
  4. Inefficiencies in Homes to Look For as a First Time Home Buyer from Prairie Eco Thrifter

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