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Clever Posts Of The Week – January 16th

My wife and I are in a group of 5 other couples that have a potluck once a month.  The location rotates, the host picking the theme of the food and the other couples bringing a appetizer, side dish, or desert that supports the theme.  It’s a way to force us out of our comfort zones to try different foods, and it’s a heck of a good time.  This weekend it’s our turn to host.  The theme is “Cheese,” with everyone having to come up with a dish that has some sort of cheese in it.  I’m firing up my smoker to make a pork fatty (basically ground pork rolled up with a delicious filling).  It’s the first time I’ve made one, and I’m excited to see how it will turn out!

What do you have going this weekend, besides reading my favorite posts of the week?

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  • You’re making me hungry 🙂 For some reason we agreed to host a sleepover for a couple of our friends kids tonight so I think we’re in for a pretty hectic one! They did the same for us a few weeks ago though meaning my Wife and I could go out for a meal, so it’s only right that we return the favour. Our boys are really excited to have their friends stay over too.

    Hope you have a good one man and thanks for including my post!

  • @Adam – LOL,we’ve done that as well. I’m always amazed at how late kids will stay up giggling and doing whatever even after the lights are out. Hope you get some sleep too!

  • @Mrs.Frugalwoods – It was so much fun, and my pork fattie turned out phenomenal. The creativity of what our friends brought over was unbelievable! Thanks for reading!

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