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Clever Posts Of The Week – February 27th

I can tell that Spring must be getting close because I’m getting sick of shoveling the driveway.   As Winter wears on, it takes me longer and longer to do it.  We received a few inches of snow this week, and it took me over two days to gather enough motivation to go shovel it.  I’d driven over the snow plow hump at the end of the driveway a dozen times, hoping that the next day would be warm enough to melt the snow.   Unfortunately, with highs this week barely above zero, the snow remained.  So last night I finally got out my shovel and cleared what snow hadn’t already been compressed into almost rock like hardness by our vehicles driving over it.

I think I’m going to just hibernate in my house until Spring arrives.  At least I’ll have great personal finance posts to read.  Here are my favorites from the week!

  1. What is an IPO? from Money Rebound
  2. Personal Finance Can Be Delightfully Boring from Messy Money
  3. 6 Reasons You Should Never Lend Money to Anyone from Avant Credit
  4. 3 Surprising Ways to Find Furniture On a Budget from Suburban Finance
  5. Four Things To Cut Out Of Your Budget Now If You Need To Save Money from Gen Y Finances

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