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Clever Posts Of The Week – February 20th

Earlier this week I wrote about a recall on my family’s minivan that we were contacted via mail regarding, and have been waiting seven months for the parts to repair it.  Well, guess who called yesterday saying we could bring our van in for repair?  Yup, my (un)favorite dealership.  I’d like to think my blog post had something to do with it, but I seriously doubt it.

Another positive from this week, I was included in’s 2015 best Personal Finance Blogs for Dad’s.  The link is below (#1), and I’m absolutely thrilled to be on a list with Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Rose, and others!

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!

  1. 2015’s 10 Best Personal Finance Blogs for Dads from Bad Credit
  2. The Privilege Of Pursuing Financial Independence from Frugal Woods
  3. Saving Money on Home Entertainment from Money Ahoy
  4. 6 Bad Money Habits You’re Unknowingly Teaching Your Kids from Avant Credit
  5. 5 Easy Things You Can Do To Save An Emergency Fund from Suburban Finance
  6. It’s Never Too Late: Retirement Advice for the Procrastinator from Modest Money

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