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Clever Posts Of The Week – December 13th

On Wednesday I posted the list of things my son will be getting for Christmas.  This weekend my wife and will take that list (along with the list of gifts for extended family) and purchase all our presents.  We maximize the work at home to minimize the time we have to spend in stores.  The less time I have to spend in a mall, or trying to find a spot in a Walmart parking lot the better.  I’m NOT a person that enjoys being in crowded places.  My wife, however, loves it.  She’s energized by it.  When we’re done she will go back into the madness and shop for my gifts.  She’ll be gone for hours and hours.  How about you, do you enjoy shopping for Christmas gifts, or are you more of a military style shopper (get in, get what you need and get out)?

If you’re like me, your significant other may be out shopping while you’re at home enjoying some peace and quiet.  Take a few of those moments to check out my favorite posts of the week!

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  • I used to enjoy it. Now I hate it. I will do anything to avoid crowds, and traffic. I think as I age I realize how important my time is to me. My husband is like your wife – energized by the craziness of it all. And apparently, he enjoys the stress of waiting till the last minute. I’m sure he will be out there on the 24th.
    I have done all of my shopping online so far, and the remainder will be done during my lunch hours. So yes-military style. In and out. Bam. And I avoid places like Christmas Tree shops and a certain shopping center that only has one way in & out. I made that mistake one year, and I was 45 minutes trying to get out of there.

  • @Cathie- I’m with you Cathie….except I’ve never enjoyed having to deal with the crowds and how busy everything gets this time of year. The more things I find online, the better….now if I could just get myself to start a little earlier. 🙂

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