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Clever Posts Of The Week – August 8th


My sincerest apologies for being a day late with my usual end of the week post, we had some issues with the site which prevented me from posting.  As you can see, all is resolved now and I’m back in business!

On with the show.

On Monday I shared with you a money saving challenge I had going on with my wife.  The bet was whether I could clean our jet stream oven well enough to satisfy my wife’s concern that it wouldn’t start on fire as did our previous one did when it got loaded with grease.  Well, the verdict is in, and I think you can tell from the picture that………I WON!

Well sort of.

The bottom pan and racks are definitely sparkling, and the lid is WAY better than it was.  However, I found a significant crack in the lid.  So while we will not be buying a whole new unit, we will eventually need a replacement LID.  I’m OK with that, replacing the LID will be necessary once the crack allows too much heat to escape, but will be much cheaper than buying a whole new appliance.

Thanks to all of you for your support and for following along with my challenge.  Your reward is a high five……my high five posts of the week, that is.  Have a great weekend!

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