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Clever Posts of the Week – August 2nd

Besides paying bills (the last day of the month is payday), my wife and I haven’t spent a cent in 3 days.  I think that’s some sort of record. It’s nice to see the checking account balance not be slowly drained throughout the week on piddly little things that end up to be a significant amount by Friday.  How’s your spending been this week?

Here’s your dose of Friday Cleverness……

  1. How To Save at Kohl’s: The Ultimate Guide from Frugal Guru Guide
  2. Four Weekend Activities that will Rock Your Financial World from Prairie Eco-Thrifter
  3. How Much Do You Spend on Coffee? from Life And My Finances
  4. Why Thinkers Grow Rich and Workoholics Stay Poor from Suburban Finance
  5. Uncovering the Truth Behind Some of the Myths Surrounding Your Credit Reports from Modest Money

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