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Clever Posts of The Week – August 15th

For awhile my wife and I were going out to eat pretty regularly, paid for courtesy of mystery shopping jobs.  She just mentioned the other day that it’s been awhile since we’ve done it, and asked why.  I really didn’t have a good answer for her other than I just stopped paying attention to the emails from the mystery shopping services I’m registered with.  Time to keep my eyes open for an opportunity or two, I miss my favorite wing place!

Speaking of side income, just as I was scanning through my email for opportunities and reading about current events, I came across an article about AirBnb.   I’ve always been intrigued about how much a person could make by renting out their place periodically while they weren’t going to be home anyway.  I started hunting around and came across a blogger that actually does it, and has put some serious coin in their pocket in the process.  Check out this post from Sustainable Family Finances, I think you’ll be surprised, too!

Back to tradition, here’s my high five of the week!

  1. 5 Ways to Live Frugally Without Becoming a Social Outcast from Money Propeller
  2. Potential downsides of cashback and rewards from Money Stepper
  3. Would You Prefer to Earn More or Spend Less? from Money Bulldog
  4. Money Advice for the Poor from Modest Money
  5. Why The Eff Is Health Insurance So Complicated? from Money Smart Guides

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  • I feel ashamed to admit this as a PF blogger but I’ve never explored the whole mystery shopper thing, sounds like a win-win though! Thanks as always for the include Brock, hope you’re well and have a great weekend.

  • @Adam – no need to be ashamed, Adam….it’s something that I always wondered how to get into it….and then when I did I found out how easy it was. I admit, many of the jobs don’t pay much ($10 – $15), but if you can bunch many of them together, getting a check for 5-6 of them isn’t bad at all!

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