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Clever Posts Of The Week – April 25th

My son is 15, which means we need to sign him up for the Driver’s Education classroom course, and then eventually the Behind The Wheel driving course.   He wanted to wait until summer vacation so the course wouldn’t take up even more of his time (he’s pretty busy with school, friends and activities).  So, we just signed him up for the first summer session… the tune of $370.  YIKES. Granted that also covers his behind the wheel class that he’ll take down the road (pun intended),  but that definitely hurt the wallet.  When I was that age, the classes were actually given within the school system and were FREE.

After that, I needed to go read some articles about saving money.  My favorites from the last week are below, but before you go anywhere, remember that I’m hosting my very first giveaway here on CleverDude.  It’s a super cool wifi-enabled thermostat that’s bound to help you save on energy costs.  You have until Monday to enter, so make sure you do!

  1. What Is Overdraft Protection? from Money Smart Guides
  2. Which Type of Home Should You Buy? from Prairie Eco Thrifter
  3. Staying Motivated Without Reason from Money Beagle
  4. Why do we keep so much stuff? from Money Bulldog

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