Clever Posts Of The Week

Clever Posts Of The Week

I have exciting news to share with you today:  CleverDude is now on Facebook!  We’re just ramping up, but the plan is to use the Facebook page to alert readers to new posts, point to other cool posts we like,  and have more day to day conversations on finances, family or whatever it is that’s on your mind!  So head on over to the brand new Facebook page, give it a like and let the fun begin!  Speaking of clicking on things, here’s my favorite posts of the week:

  1. MoneyPlanSOS tells us to buy our next car from the Jones’s.  Interesting advice….I think I’ll take it!
  2. Speaking of the Jones’s, My Personal Finance Journey says they’re broke anyway.  Which is probably why buying a car from them is such a great idea.
  3. I just got my property tax payment reminders for 2013 in the mail, so I found What Factors Affect Your Property Taxes And How Much You Pay? from Bible Money Matters very timely.
  4. Why I Plan on Driving My Car Into the Ground by Get Rich Slowly reminded me just how old my car is……and how I personally LOVE that I have no car payments!

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