Clever Posts Of The Week

Clever Posts Of The Week

Well, friends, we made it to the end of another week.  There’s a monster storm system making it’s way across the US and is apparently dumping snow on the Midwest in April (yuk!) and severe weather in the South and Southeast.  We’ve been affected by the snow (yuk!) and I plan a weekend of just staying in doors and hoping spring will finally make an appearance soon.  If you’re stuck indoors as well this weekend, check out my favorite posts of the week:

  1. Do you think you’re in a dead end job that will do nothing for your future?  Maybe you should think again….Financial Samurai tells about Three Bad Jobs That Can Eventually Make You Rich And Happy.
  2. If you’re digging your way out of debt, Becoming a Debt Free Family (Paying Off $90,000 in Los Angeles) from On Target Coach might just give you a little inspiration to keep going.
  3. I’ve tried using coupons with limited success, Peter from Bible Money Matters gives me hope that we can all use coupons to save a little money in Even A Lazy Couponer Like Me Can Save Quite A Bit Using Coupons And Strategic Shopping.
  4. I enjoyed Make a healthier McDonald’s Egg McMuffin for 65% less from SquawkFox, because I do the exact same thing several times a week.
  5. We’re going hard core this week with Money Problems? Don’t Use a Band Aid When You Need Surgery from Celebrating Financial Freedom.  I recently ran across this blog, and it’s quickly becoming my “go to” blog when I really want to get my “handle my finances the right way” game face on.

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Are you seeing the effects of this storm system this weekend?  Stay safe!

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