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Clever Dude’s Week in Review March 24 – April 1, 2007

This past week, I hosted my first finance carnival. It was small, but the 4th Carnival of Credit Report Stories included some excellent articles with explanations of credit, credit reports and personal stories about credit.

On Monday, I finished reading You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson and submitted my own review of the book.

Throughout the week, I worked on dethatching my lawn both manually and mechanically. Although the manual method was quite a workout, I think I’ll stick with renting a power rake from now on.

Thursday, I got tired of the movies in our Blockbuster Online queue and realized I could just cancel my subscription for a month to let my queue build up with better movies.

And finally, you can start using your Discover Card for cashback rewards on Home and Apparel purchases (from April 1 through June 30). We have alot to buy for our home this spring and summer, and I need some new work clothes too.

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