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Clever Dude Opinion Poll: What do you think of Adoption?

I’ve posted the first ever Clever Dude Opinion Poll to ask my own burning question:

What do you think about Adoption?

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  • I think you need another option, for those of us outside of the child acquiring years. LOL.

    I think adoption and birthing are both wonderful things. In the end all that really matters is that you have a child to love and that a child is loved.

    Personally, I believe there is no way you could love one more or less. Love is all powerful.

    The only situation that I could not undertake, would be Foster Care. I have a terrible flaw of falling in love. As soon as any child entered my home, I wouldn’t be able to let them leave. I don’t believe in take backs.

  • Adoption is beautiful. There are so many deserving kids out there who need a loving family and good home. And if you can provide that then I say go for it.

  • Personally, I think adoption is wonderful. If you have the love in your hearts to give a baby who needs two people to love and raise them, go for it!

  • We have a large contingency of folks in our church who have adopted from foreign countries, mostly China. There are lots of resources available for this.

    There are also tax incentives under certain circumstances for adopting.

    Having said all that, we have a daughter through childbirth. There are many good roads to growing and raising a family.

  • mbhunter, we’re actually looking more into international adoptions more than domestic right now because there’s more press about it and more materials. However, we just need to find the right resources to begin our research into domestic adoption as well.

  • I think Adoption is great, but since I can create my own children (way down the road) I won’t utilize adoption myself. I do support it though heavily, there should be an option for this I think. Basically along the same lines of Matt Glover’s comment!

  • We too MIGHT be able to conceive on our own (haven’t tried yet), but we’re seriously giving thought to submitting all the paperwork to adopt anyway. It takes 1-2 years to adopt, and alot can happen in that time, including conceiving a baby ourselves.

    If I were you, I would just choose the “Adoption just isn’t for me” option, since there’s so many reasons why it might not be for someone.


  • There were no choices that fit me. My answer would be: “Adoption is great — better to give an existing child a family than create one from scratch!”

    (I guess the closest choice would be “People should stop having babies” but I didn’t want that selection to be misinterpreted.)


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  • I’d agree there needs to be another category for those of us that open to adoption and natural births. We plan to have our own kids, but if something were to happen we would definitely adopt.

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