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Children Badly Damaged Some of Your Furniture? Learn How to Replace the Pieces Quickly and Easily

When you have children, the furniture in your home will go through a lot of wear and tear. You more than likely will have to replace your furniture eventually. When it is time to replace the furniture, it is important to take the time to find the right options to suit your family’s needs. The following guide provides you with a few tips you can use to ensure that you are able to get the perfect furniture for your home.

Choose Furniture that has a Solid Frame

Children often jump or plop down on the furniture and can cause the frame to bend or break if it is not designed to be solid and durable. It is best to choose furniture that is made with a wood frame to ensure that it is as strong as it can possibly be. Century furniture has a large selection of wooden framed furniture that you can purchase for your home. You can ask an associate at the store if a piece of furniture has a wooden frame before buying it to be sure.

Choose Furniture with Fabric that is Stain Resistant

Children often spill things on furniture when they sit on them or somehow get their dirty shoes on the fabric. In order to be sure that your furniture can always look as great as possible, invest in furniture that has stain resistant fabric. This will allow you to easily spot clean the furniture when needed.

If you want to be able to deep clean the furniture from time to time, you may want to invest in furniture that has removable coverings that you can place in the washer when a deep cleaning is needed. It is best to avoid putting the coverings in the dryer though to ensure that they do not shrink accidentally. If they shrink, it will be very hard to put them back on the cushions.

Choose Furniture that Matches the Pieces You Already Have

When you invest in new furniture, you do not want to have to replace all of the pieces in your home because that could be very costly. It is best to choose which pieces are in the worst condition and replace those first. You can pair them with the pieces that you have that are not in poor condition to create a completed look in the room.

When choosing new furniture, take measurements of the furniture that you are replacing to ensure that the new furniture will fit into the room nicely. If you are willing to change the layout of the room, measure where you want the new pieces to sit so that you can be sure that they will fit into the space well when everything is said and done.

It is important to know where you want the furniture to be placed when it is delivered so that the delivery crew can place everything exactly where you want it to go. This will make it easier to start using the space the way that you want to use it because you will not have to worry about moving things around on your own.

It is also a good idea to make sure to find out from the associate at the store if the furniture will arrive fully assembled or if you will need to assemble it yourself. If you have never assembled furniture before, you may want to pay an additional fee to have the furniture assembled for you.

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