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Cashed in My AmEx Bonus Points…Received the Booty

Over a month ago, I told you how the 25,000 bonus points from the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card cleared my account (FYI, the offer ended Oct 15th). It took me a month to decide what I wanted to do with $250 worth of AmEx dollars in their virtual mall. I have to say, college midterms, a “frozen shoulder” (a medical condition, not the same as a “cold shoulder”), and 2 pulled back muscles helped me decide.

Last Friday, I went shopping and picked out the following and received them Tuesday:

  • One $25 P.F. Chang’s gift card – I wouldn’t pay to eat there on my own as they’re pricey, but I’ve really wanted to try their food again since the last time was in Houston, TX on my birthday 3 years ago.
  • One $25 Olive Garden gift card – Although I’m no longer big on Italian food, Stacie still likes the soup, salad and bread sticks at Olive Garden. And no, I won’t try the “Never-Ending Pasta Bowl”.But I might actually buy a glass of wine instead of just drinking the free sample they bring.
  • Four $50 Red Door Spa gift cards – Ok, we were supposed to get massages after the marathon a year ago, but we never did. I got Stacie a spa treatment on her birthday 3 months ago, but now it’s time for me to get one. I want a deep tissue massage, and with tip and tax, I believe it will take up the whole $200 in gift cards.

Sure, I could have gotten Home Depot gift cards or something, but I wanted a massage. I could have spent far less at a massage school, but I don’t care. I want someplace fancy and nice. Heck, maybe I’ll even schedule a pedicure! Hmm. Nah.

But if you wanted proof of the gift cards, here it is:

amex gift cards

Sorry about the poor lighting. I needed to take it quickly and write this up so I can put a heating pad on my back and get some sleep.

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