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Carnival of Personal Finance Picks and a Contest

Millionaire Mommy Next Door hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance and is even holding a give-away! Who wins? I do, if you vote for my article “Calculate the Financial AND Opportunity Cost of Your Decision” under the Money Management (part two) heading.

What’s your incentive for voting? Well, because you like me, just like the Reader Appreciation Project.

So what posts did I like from this week’s carnival? Let’s take a look from some of the categories:

From Mommy’s Favorites

Although it was a toss-up between 3 posts, I liked the originality ofBrip Blap’s article “Follow the white rabbit to financial freedom“.

From Credit

Cash Money Life had an interesting comparison of guns and credit cards.

From Debt

I Will Change Your Life tells the good and bad things about debt.

From Frugality

Vixen on a Budget gives a great rundown on ways to take advantage of being a student. I keep forgetting I have that student ID in my wallet. The thing will be worth about $30,000 when I’m done with my graduate degree, so maybe I should use it!

From Money Management

Journey to Financial Freedom highlights the Six Financial Levels. Yep, we’re still at level 1.

From Other

Money and Value teaches us all about co-ops. I wonder if there’s one near us..

Take some time to read through all the submissions in this week’s article, but be sure you vote for my article first!

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