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Carnival of Personal Finance #99 Recap – Part 2

Since there were so many great articles in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance, I decided to split up my recap into 2 posts. You can find Part 1 of the recap here.

  • Kmull analyzes whether 2 popular “Keep the Change” programs are worth the extra hassle. We’ve been enrolled in Bank of America’s Keep the Change program for over a year and earned a bonus $52 interest last year. When I was duplicated my checkbook in paper AND Quicken, it was a hassle to record all those extra entries, but now it’s no big deal to sync my BoA account with Quicken. However, I might just close our BoA Savings account when I open a new Orange Electric Checking account.
  • Fire Finance gives an eye-opening article about the Dangers of Direct Deposit. I myself dislike giving creditors and utilities direct rights to my bank account, and this article explains why.
  • Smart Money Daily informs us how we can Make Money from Global Warming. No, it’s not ways to scam people, but honest investing and saving strategies to hedge against the costs of global warming.
  • The Coin Jar gives us a personal account of how his daughter’s Millionaire Dreams Aren’t Far From Reality. One of the best things you can do for your children is to not only TEACH them finances, but also to HELP them to save and invest.
  • Having opened so many bank accounts recently, and since I hold so many unused credit cards, I liked Flexo’s 4 Ways to Simplify Finances article. I learned that rate-chasing is not for me, and I’m happy earning 5% on one account rather than pushing for that extra half percent elsewhere.
  • 3DebtConsolidation gives us 3 Types of Debt Consolidation Loans, and the risks, dangers and benefits of each.
  • JD from Get Rich Slowly compiled a Collection of Financial Literacy articles and videos from his own and others’ collections. I have a feeling this will be an often-bookmarked article for basic, intermediate and even advanced investors, savers and spenders.
  • And finally, My Mint posts Four Terrible Money Mistakes We Make with Our Kids. I have been the victim of most of the four in my childhood, and I regret not knowing more about managing money before I started making my own years ago.

Keep on the lookout for Carnival of Personal Finance HERE AT CLEVERDUDE.COM on Monday, June 4th. That’s less than a month away and I’m pumped! I guess I’ll have to block out my whole weekend though.

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