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Carnival of Personal Finance #99 Recap – Part 1

Golbguru has posted the latest Carnival of Personal Finance at Money, Matter & More Musings. A “Carnival” is just a collection of submitted articles about a specific topic. There are carnivals and festivals for all topics. This one is, of course, all about Personal Finance.

Because there were so many great articles, I’m breaking up my highlights into 2 posts:

  • Plus6 highlights 10 Energy Saving Home Improvements. We’re planning on getting a tankless water heater for our own home, but we’d like to consolidate our gas and electric water heaters first.
  • Patrick at Cash Money Life tells us how Spring Cleaning Saves Money. If you’re a regular reader, you know I hate junk and clutter, so now I’m looking into how I can rid our home of all the extra stuff we don’t need, use or want. Right now, I’m working on selling a slick XB925 Washburn 5-string Bass Guitar I bought back in college, but it’s a niche item. Anyone out there in a band looking to upgrade their bass?
  • The Frugalist has 35 Ways to Avoid Paying Retail Prices. Personally, we’ve used our neighbor’s contractor discount at Sherwin Williams to save hundreds on paints and stains so far (he authorized it). We just need to pay cash 🙂
  • Stephanie from Poorer Than You tells us why “No Gas Day” is a bad idea and what we could do otherwise. Having worked for a GIANT oil company 2 years ago, we were always the target of this special day, and my friends always sent me the chain letters urging me to boycott gas this one day. Stephanie reiterates the same arguments I’ve had with friends, family and coworkers for years.
  • I love learning trivia, and The Digerati Life didn’t let me down. She posted 5 Currency Facts Your History Teacher Never Taught You. Bet you didn’t know what the biggest printed paper denomination was!
  • Having just taught our last Sunday school class yesterday (where we taught the kids about the 8 Beatitudes), I enjoyed the article by Active Duty Military Money and Matters (whew! long name) about The Beatitudes of Money. I just wonder if they knew there were 8, not 6 🙂
  • And to wrap up Part 1 of this recap, Make Your Nut gives detailed Advice for New Graduates about Student Loans. I would also ad “Choose the right consolidation option”. I got stuck paying 2 years of just interest because I chose the “Graduated Repayment” option. I’m not paying more principal than interest, but it’s 6 years later!

Also check out Part 2 of the Carnival of Personal Finance #99 Recap!

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  • anyone who has ever voted for BUSH has NO right to complain about the gas prices, you made the problem, it should be my god given right to rant and rave because YOU are the reason why gas costs so much…period.

    i will not buy gas that day, just out of principle, and because, frankly, bushites need a slice of humble pie.

  • o yeah, and also, if you drive a truck, or an suv, or a tank, you also have no right about complaining about gas. if you feel soooooo strongly about the price of gas, get something more gas-cost-friendly, and shut up.

  • Realist, driving a truck has nothing to do with it unless you don’t NEED a truck.

    We realized we don’t need a truck nearly as much as we thought we would, so we’re going to sell it.

    There’s millions who need a truck for their livelihood, so they’re allowed to complain. However, those people I see sitting in their truck reading paperwork while it’s running SHOULDN’T complain. I’ve actually been turning off my truck at lights that I know I’ll be at for more than 30 seconds. I can time it by the crosswalk lights.

    FYI fellow readers, Realist is a personal childhood friend of mine and we seem to differ on certain topics. We’re resolving this conflict on IM right now 🙂

  • it wasn’t a shot at you (as we talked about)…

    more like a shot at my coworkers who said (from an actual conversation)…”we spent 80 dollars filling our tank this weekend” when they never even haul anything, just their own behinds too and from their house to their job.

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