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Carnival of Personal Finance #93 at Tired but Happy

I know I won’t be the first the say this, but TiredButHappy must be tired from all that work this weekend to create the 93rd Carnival of Personal Finance, but happy that it’s finally published. HAHA! Oh boy that was bad.

Anyway, my FAVORITE article HAS to be the awesome 5 ways going bald gracefully can save you time, money and more….oh wait, that one was mine. Well, TBH liked it too since it was featured in the Editor’s Choice.

Here are some other articles I liked that you should also read:

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  • most of these links were a monumental waste of time, especially the usps one.

    i know one day i will come here and find something that is actually useful.

  • I don’t like to discourage my fellow personal finance bloggers from writing, but that’s why I give my own short-list of articles of interest to me.

    Perhaps you’ll find some articles of interest in June when I host the Carnival of Personal Personal Finance here at Clever Dude!

  • and just cause i am extra cheery, let me bash the economy:

    * Household net worth has risen to over $55 trillion – an increase of 7.4% since 2005…when a 240 hitter can make 3 million a year, yeah, no wonder why the net worth is up.

    * Corporate profits are up 20% over last year you can thank BUSHCO for killing us in gasoline and us paying through the ear for gas…RICO needs to be kicked in

    * US households, at $28.8 trillion, have more net financial assets than the rest of the world combined…we also are the country with the highest DEBT in the world. just cause you have a car and a house doesn’t mean you paid for it.
    * 9.5 million new jobs have been created since 9/11 and unemployment is likely to drop below 4.5% led by mcdonalds and walmart, where the govt pays for the employees health care.

    * 89% of Americans feel secure in their jobs – higher than any time in the 1990’s walmart will always need baggers and greeters.

    * 52% of people are satisfied with their jobs: being satisified and being happy are two different things.

    * 71% of people feel secure in their financial situation – higher than in the 90’s…who in the world are they interviewing, people right out of highschool? ask 10 coworkers, and 7 of them will say that they are more financially secure? sure, whatever.

    * only 9% are worried about making minimum payments on credit card debt: because the other 91% either just don’t pay or don’t go into credit card debt. those without credit card debt are the smart ones.

    * 88% are not worried about losing their jobs to outsourcing

    must not be in the tech field.

    i think i am going to make up random surveys tomorrow

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